About Frank

Frank le Pair – Eindhoven 1965

Working as a visualize of illuminated signs I have a graphic background.  In 2004 I started painting
It was longer on my program but it was there never got, in one way or another.

At the end of 2003, one discovered with me a rare form of cancer, making my life expectancy very uncertain.
It were the weeks before the birth of our oldest daughter Evi.
Painting was a cherished dream but became suddenly priority because I thus was able to create something that
could bridge the time to my daughter.
Time was a fragile understanding for me, by painting I felt a kind of freedom that gave me energy.

Now many years later, I realize that my paintings have unconsciously have to do with my illness period
and you can see the patterns as a kind of positive life paths.
From the first moment the line patterns have been typical in my work. It symbolizes a series of encounters,
feelings, thoughts and experiences expressed in line, form and color. With the “Walking by Lines” paintings
I would like to give everybody a positive feeling of confidence end energy.

Our family is complete with the birth of Juliette in 2006.